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This is a genuine OEM Coleman pump cup used with gas lanterns. The pump plunger fits through the hole in this pump cup, which then fits inside the pump itself. The pump cup is designed to be coated in Pump Lube so that it can effectively create a seal inside the pump, preventing air leaks. Take your outdoor adventures to the next level with top quality camping gear, fuel and more from Coleman. Shop Ace Hardware’s selection of Coleman outdoor equipment for camping, hiking and anywhere the outdoors can take you. Even though this stove was stellar in testing, we have to address the price.
I got used to its sensitivity after awhile, but it was annoying when I had to grab my lighter and reignite the flame. You can see how the Coleman Triton Stove compares to other stoves, and learn how to pick the right camping stove for you. “Remember to never use your camp stove in the tent or any other enclosed space, because

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it’s a fire risk, and you also risk carbon monoxide poisoning,” Newman says. Ultimately, though, camp stoves can offer added convenience and safety compared with other options and can be a great choice for families. For over 120 years, Coleman has created premium outdoor gear to help you tackle the toughest adventures.
This straightforward, rugged two-burner stove cooks food quickly and evenly. As the successor to the tried-and-true Coleman Camp Stove, the Coleman Triton Stove Series 2 Burner has some serious reputation to uphold. Fortunately it’s a hardy piece of equipment that is capable of cooking a damn good meal and

coleman propane stove

will be a great centerpiece in your car camping outdoor kitchen. The weather can be variable even in the fairest of months, but the show must go on. The flame on any stove is sensitive to shifting and blowing wind, and it’ll be important to find a somewhat protected space no matter the stove you choose.
At $230, this stove surpasses all other Colemans, and even more premium stove picks like the Camp Chef Everest 2X. But you do have to factor in the quality of the cast iron components and attachments. Just don’t think you will get a full grill-top to churn out food for 12. But it’s a plenty large enough surface for food to serve two to four. Also, while not a negative aspect, it’s worth mentioning that the grill/griddle attachments provide a fairly small surface area. There’s plenty of room for a few burgers or pancakes on each; I even fit a few corns on the cob on the grill. Both times, I was able to keep the dials on a low simmer if need be, even with wind.
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