How to Set Up an Ozark Trail Tent USA Today

It was pretty easy to make adjustments from the side door access. There are many upsides to going camping— the fresh air, the sense of freedom, the disconnect from technology, just to name a few. That doesn’t have to be the case though, thanks to Ozark Trail. Its 20-person tent will make the whole sleeping-outdoors-thing more comfortable. If people are looking to take a more outdoor look, the is outdoor, people can use a ozark tent for outdoor purposes.

There’s also 1 lantern loop at the very top of the tent for some lighting at night. I can’t reach this either, but you should be fine if you’re a little taller. The door has 2 zippers for the bug net, and 2 for the door itself. The door can be zipped up from both the inside and outside.

I think I will go shopping this week for another tent that I feel better about. Otherwise I like the tent but do not trust it to hold up in severe conditions. It has been to the beach in Mexico 3 times and several Northern California camping trips. The canopy has been used several times with out the tent to have shade for family functions.

Rather than continuing to wait for the company to come up with a soulution and stop questioning me on proper use or abusive weather conditions! I decided that for the $40 I spent on it, (knowing that you get what you pay ozark trail chair for) I would sew the gap and seal it really well and get a thicker gage replacement pole for the fly. The design change I want to comment on concerns the little “laundry room” that protrudes out the back of the tent.

Even so, you should, ideally, stake down each corner securely; in some crowded campgrounds, however, finding a flat spot with soil soft enough to do that can be difficult. A tent that requires staking to stand up—especially a larger, six-person tent—is unwieldy, and it’ll be impossible to set up on a hard surface such as blacktop or on raised wooden tent decks. Comfort and convenience are key when ozark trail canopy staying overnight in a tent, and this soft queen-size air mattress from Intex features an internal pump for easy inflation. The flocked sides make it puncture- and abrasion-resistant, and the sturdy bottom ring offers more stability for less movement if you’re sharing the bed with someone else. It comes with a carrying bag for easy transport and the internal pump also works as a deflator.

My family and I have used it a total of 3 times and the seams have ripped. There is no way we can camp with this tent, if it would rain it would ruin everything. If you a experienced camper like myself you would know that you have to use a tarp to cover your tent so that the water does not get inside when it rains.

Despite what you may have read, you can absolutely enjoy an outdoors experience in an Ozark Trail tent. Ozark Trail is all about big family camping tents on a budget, and few are as big and budget-friendly as the Ozark Trail 10 Person Two-Room Cabin. Oddly enough, Ozark Trail’s most basic, base bones shelter takes the title of most durable. We chose the Ozark Trail Clip & Camp because unlike larger cabins with plastic hubs and countless poles, this traditional two-pole dome has the fewest number of parts that can potentially fail. Tent brands usually make the same decisions across all their tents.

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The Ozark Trail 1-Person Backpacking Tent is on the cheaper end of the spectrum. A variety of websites have it currently priced for less than $50. Many higher quality tents could cost 3 or 4 times that amount. The Hazel Creek 20-Person Star Tent With Screen Room was designed to sleep, yes, 20 people. What makes this particular tent so cool is that it has four separate “rooms” or compartments.

Setup may take a bit longer, but that’s ok, you’ll benefit from the extra space in your car. Though it is a cabin-style tent, the slanted walls will give it more wind resistance than a typical cabin tent. I don’t think this Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent will do very well against strong winds. This is a cabin tent, so the shape isn’t aerodynamic at all. Overall, because a lot of water leaked through the un-taped seams and even the tent fabric after just 15 minutes of mostly light rain, I would say that this Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent is not waterproof at all. Because it’s ridiculously inexpensive, the quality, design and weather protection isn’t the best, though I think it’ll work decently in summer (without rain, of course).