Get A Wholesale Ozark Tent For Your Business Trip

Some 1-person tents will have two major spars or spines that cross for the main support structure. In the Ozark Trail tent, it has only one spar traveling down the center lengthwise with a single rib to open up the area in the middle. The four or six tent pegs hold the structure down but are crucial for the tent to stand by itself. The Ozark does need those pegs in the ground to be self-standing so setting up on rocks would be infeasible (at least without applying some clever tenting skills). Pull them down to the base corners of the tent and attach them to the pin rings.

Yes, we all want a big spacious tent with room for plush sleeping quarters, but we also recommend looking for the little features that can elevate your camping experience. Interior storage is a great example, as all those little mesh pockets help keep things organized and off the floor. Screen rooms, shade awnings, storage vestibules, and privacy dividers are also great examples of livability-added features.

Of course, like every Ozark Trail tent, it comes with electrical ports so you can charge your phones at night. You might be wondering what’s it like to set up this tent. The final tent I’ll review today is Ozark Trail’s largest – their 14 person, 4-room tent. Simple – it’s a feature-packed tent that provides all the benefits of a large tent while minimizing the negatives. And if this tent is too large, it also comes in a 6-person and 4-person version as well. I had no issues with the guylines, though it would be nice if they were reflective at night.

To mimic heavier rain and to test the tent’s ability to withstand soggy ground conditions, we also soaked our tents with a garden hose. A few weeks later, we brought the front-runners to a platform in an area that had higher elevation, near the Waianae Mountain Range, and camped out overnight in intermittent but consistent rainfall. My personal favorite Ozark Trail tent is the 12-person, 3-room instant cabin ozark trail canopy tent. It provides a ton of space in an easy-to-carry package that sets up in minutes AND provides three rooms that give the entire gang loads of space to spread out. For cons, there’s only 1 door in the entire 10-person tent, there’s almost no ventilation at all when it’s raining, and it also leaks within just 15 minutes of light rain. The 3 roof poles are made of fiberglass, which are a bit more flexible.

This section acts as a porch, so you can keep away from bugs while still feel joined in to those hanging outside. Other notable features include the eight reflective colored guy ropes, an interior loop for hanging a lantern, and pockets for storing small items. My ozark trail canopy was set up in my wooded acerage all summer long.

Ozark Trail makes an affordable quality family tent, and this 10-person instant cabin tent is no different. Though the Wireless’s fly kept water out of the tent’s interior, it took longer to fully dry once the rain stopped than some others we tested. If you don’t have time to let the fly dry before you pack the Wireless in its duffle, we recommend laying it out when you get home so it doesn’t mildew in storage. Like most dome-style tents, the Wireless 6 withstands wind like a champ—it fared noticeably better than the Camp Creek 6 in 15-mph gusts.

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The short pole supplied for that protrusion splintered in two places and poked about four small holes in the black fabric of the laundry bubble. Better instructions on how it should be installed would have prevented the splintering, but I would rather have seen the “laundry room” not be an outside protrusion from the back of the tent. Rather it should have been a large pocket on the inside of the tent that requires no pole at all.

I have tried to use it at our local beach and when ever the wind gets to 7-10 mph off we go chasing the tarp and that leaves the screen dome uncovered and in blew the sand. Once we tried it at the lake wind came up, off comes the tarp that with a light rain everything got wet. I called North Pole (the makers of Ozark Trail tents) not to get much help!

The stitching especially around the doors and windows don’t seem that well done either, and I found a lot of excess threads as well. There was no info provided by Ozark Trail on the material of ozark trail chair the flooring, but it feels like your regular polyethylene bathtub flooring, and doesn’t seem very thick. I forgot to measure the height of the bathtub flooring, but I think it’s about 5 inches.