Coleman Mesh Quad Chair

To see our favorite picks from Coleman and more, take a look at our top camp chairs article to see what else is out there. The Helinox Chair One weighs about 2 pounds, compresses smaller than a 2-liter bottle of soda, and is the most comfortable and easy to stow of the three top backpacking chairs we tested. Like competing chairs, the Chair One has a nylon and mesh seat and aluminum legs, which are linked with shock cord (the chair legs are made out of the same material as high-end tent poles). Before we tried the Renetto Original Canopy Chair, we had never considered buying a shade-equipped camp chair. The shaded Renetto chairs were consistently the first seats snagged at a beautiful but harshly exposed Indian Grove group campsite.

coleman camping chair

Between the integrity of its build and the wide, solid feet and base, you can throw the Cooler Quad on most any approximately level surface. I found that the hardest part about using the chair was deciding how I wanted to stock the cooler. By making a simple folding camp chair well- Coleman’s Cooler Quad has made the rankings as one of our favorites.

The box-shaped cupholder is a little roomier than the round cupholders on the Coleman and the L.L.Bean Base Camp chairs—better for stubby water bottles or mugs of hot chocolate around the campfire. We found that the cheaply constructed Walmart chair had a cupholder that was too small for a soda can, or any of the hard-plastic or metal water bottles that the kids we know brought on a camping trip. It will fit a Capri Sun pouch or a narrow, rectangular juice box, but that’s about it. A close-to-the-ground chair is often the ideal choice for outdoor concerts, movies, theater performances, and other events where you will be concerned about blocking other people’s view.

Take comfortable seating with you anywhere you go with the lace-up aluminum beach backpack chair. The lace-up suspension on this backpack chair adds a touch of nautical style. This backpack chair features 4-position seating, cup holder, molded plastic arms, and an adjustable contoured pillow. The lightweight aluminum frame carries easily with padded backpack shoulder straps.

It’s definitely one of the more comprehensively comfortable models that we tried out. If the arms were a little longer and a little higher, it would be perfect- but by no means is this a deal-breaking oversight. This coleman instant tent also did a great job staying dry when the sun came out, and I started to sweat. It never managed to soak through, though I doubt that would be the case in any kind of rain.