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With this oversized custom folding chair you’ll always find a seat in a crowded place. Though it’s one of the least expensive chairs we tested, we’re still not sure it’s worth it. Lackluster performance and a cooler that’s only moderately useful but surprisingly in the way make us feel like there are much better options out there, even if the chair and cooler have to be separate. It comes with a bag that has a shoulder strap to cart it around and weighs 8 pounds. The carry bag is rather thin, letting you feel whatever section of the chair rests upon your back or side. At least you probably won’t be carrying it terribly far, and it’s not awful over short stretches.

But the price difference is significant—and after six months of near-constant outdoor use, the Walmart chair was still in decent shape. If you are looking for an ultracheap choice, the Walmart chair is one. The Everywhere Chair keeps your bottom about 4 inches off the ground. The strap that supports the back (and doubles as a carry strap) allows adjustments to control your angle of recline, from upright to a stargazing-appropriate angle. Unlike other portable chairs, the Everywhere Chair is designed to sit on uneven slopes; this can be handy when space is limited at a fireworks show or an outdoor theater performance.

Overwhelmingly, the Coleman came out on top, with campers praising its comfort and stability. For the ultimate tailgating chair, shop for designs with your favorite team’s logo. Zero-gravity chairs bring the comforts of a reclining chair to the campsite.

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Tempting as it may be, don’t leave your chair set up on a nice day with the intention of coming back in a few hours. It takes a couple of minutes to store but will significantly extend the lifetime. The Coleman Cooler Quad isn’t for trekking miles down the trail, but at the very least, you can throw coleman cooler it across your back on a sling and have your hands free to carry a few extra things to the campsite. Have a cold drink at hand at the campsite, BBQ or picnic with a Coleman® Cooler Quad Chair. While you sip on your favorite beverage, the comfortable head cushion only adds to your relaxation.

Camping trips, beach days, picnics in the park, outdoor movies and theater performances, a fresh-air get-together with friends—there are countless occasions when you might use a camp chair. The Coleman camping chair is big and durable, and of all the upright chairs that our panel of campers tested, it was the most comfortable. Perfect for camping, picnics, cookouts, BBQ, concerts, back yard or any other activities! This cozy chair sets up quickly, can be opened and folded in just seconds and packs easily back into its carry bag for storage or travel.

These hanging pockets have quickly become the industry standard for folding chairs across a wide range of types. Coleman’s take on the pocket is in line with the quality we see in the rest of their chair. The pocket is backed with the same high-tensile fabric that makes up the rest of the seat, and the mesh is divided into three separate compartments. As is the case with many mass-manufactured chairs, there tends to be some variance in quality over the years. I haven’t experienced any issues with mine despite pushing the weight limit and the cooler capacity up to the limit, but there is enough evidence floating around to question the integrity of the joints. Like most chairs of this type, the Coleman Oversized Quad comes with an over-the-shoulder carry bag.

If your chair isn’t holding up anymore, it may be time for a new one. Those curious should head over to our buyer’s guide for everything you need to know about what your criteria should be. From there, our best camp chairs of the season coleman instant tent can give you side-by-side comparisons of some of the top picks across the industry. If you’re in the market for a new camp chair and aren’t sure where to start, our buyer’s guide has a ton of resources to help you get started.

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Again, nothing broke on this chair during our few months of testing, but we are skeptical of its longevity. When you’re searching for a new camp chair, sometimes you aren’t looking for the lightest possible option- you want the beefiest chair out there that can soak up as much strain as possible. Here’s a list of some of our top contenders in the durability category. If you notice some mildew on your chair or happened to enjoy a particularly muddy weekend, cleaning off your camp chair is a relatively straightforward process. I’d also recommend the Cooler Quad to anyone who wants a roomier camp chair but doesn’t want to spring for the more expensive top-of-the-line models. The Cooler Quad’s weight capacity is a staggering 325 lbs, which is about as substantial a construction as you’re going to get out of a chair in this price range.

We aren’t particularly impressed by the durability of this chair either. Nothing broke during our testing, but we have some serious doubts about this chair’s ability to last for years. coleman cooler The poles are quite thin, and despite having a steel frame, everything feels rather rickety. Ours also came with some sloppy seams, and the carry bag is very thin and fragile.