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If you’re curious about our methods for reviewing chairs or want to broaden your understanding of the kinds of products out there, our buyer’s guide is a great place to start getting the lay of the land. We also have a list of our favorite camp chairs across the board; check it out to see how the Cooler Quad stacks up against other top contenders. As is the case with any outdoor gear, you want to make sure that you store the chair somewhere dark and dry when not in use. Mold is always a killer when it comes to things like camp chairs, but UV light may be the biggest cause for concern.

coleman camping chair

It’s definitely one of the more comprehensively comfortable models that we tried out. If the arms were a little longer and a little higher, it would be perfect- but by no means is this a deal-breaking oversight. This also did a great job staying dry when the sun came out, and I started to sweat. It never managed to soak through, though I doubt that would be the case in any kind of rain.

Even though Coleman’s Cooler Quad is one of the larger chairs that we’ve tested, it’s by no means the heaviest. Weighing in at a negligible 8lbs 2oz, the Cooler Quad won’t punish you for parking a little ways away from your intended destination. When you consider this in tandem with the carrying sleeve, the Cooler Quad lies somewhere on the more portable end of the full-sized camp chair spectrum. A camping chair with such a high-grade integrated cooler wouldn’t be much without a cup holder to match.

When your order is complete you will receive an email with tracking information for your shipment. To place an order, select the product and click the ‘Design & Quote’ button. Enter your quantity, select your print locations and colors and select/upload your art; then add to cart and checkout. Finding the ideal reclining posture is simple because of the 4-position feature.

Again, nothing broke on this chair during our few months of testing, but we are skeptical of its longevity. When you’re searching for a new camp chair, sometimes you aren’t looking for the lightest possible option- you want the beefiest chair out there that can soak up as much strain as possible. Here’s a list of some of our top contenders in the durability category. If you notice some mildew on your chair or happened to enjoy a particularly muddy weekend, cleaning off your camp chair is a relatively straightforward process. I’d also recommend the Cooler Quad to anyone who wants a roomier camp chair but doesn’t want to spring for the more expensive top-of-the-line models. The Cooler Quad’s weight capacity is a staggering 325 lbs, which is about as substantial a construction as you’re going to get out of a chair in this price range.

Add a folding table with cup holders and pouches for accessories to your outdoor setup. When it comes to seating for any coleman camping chair outdoor endeavor, Lowe’s has it all. From a director’s chair to camping rockers, we have an option that’ll work for you.