How To: Backpack the Ozark Trail

The Ozark Trail Association maintains a number of maps to help you traverse each section of the trail. If you are using your phone for navigation, bring a paper copy of a map in case you lose signal or find yourself without battery. Trail maps are free to print at home or available for purchase at the online store. Browse Ozark Trail’s top-rated backpacks and more.

I sometimes enjoy not knowing exactly where we’ll stop to spend the night. I keep my keys a small Leatherman in that pocket. The top pocket I keep my cellphone, battery chargers, an extra camera battery, wallet and sunglass case. At the bottom, I keep a towel, first aid kit, and few other items, I may need.

This pack fits me fine and is very comfortable for lightweight loads. I use it as a day pack when doing multi-day hikes. It’s light enough that I don’t mind putting it in my backpack and it takes up almost no space at all.

At the end of the trip, the bag goes into the trash. I’ve been using this bag for over a year and love it for it size and comfort levels. I like how almost every strap can be adjusted to fit the user. Most of our hikes are seven miles or less but we are combing the hikes so I’m wearing the bag for hours. The trails have been up hill/downhill near vertical hikes to rock hopping and scrambling over rocky terrains and the bag has always stayed in place. With access to the Ozark Trail available year-round, hikers will need to prepare differently for each season.

I agree with the other reviewer though, I would not go over about pounds with this pack. By default, this unexpectedly ended up being my go-to daily bag for several months. It’s been stuffed to capacity with almost everything I had to carry, including, but not limited to, outerwear, lunch, groceries, laptop, iPad, a Bose speaker, and combinations thereof. While much of the trail is under shaded tree canopy, you’ll still want to use sunscreen to prevent any burns.

During those five minutes of rain, he was a little more stressed as the risk of a wet sleeping bag had not been completely mitigated and he rushed back to the campground. I, on the other hand, ozark trail chair could have stayed out longer. True, I wasn’t able to remove the rain fly to watch the stars or let the wind ventilate my tent, but I was able to enjoy the day hikes without any sort of worry.

As you can see from the photo, I still had foot cream, sunscreen, first aid cream, and Dawn Soap at the end of eight days. The floss is for size reference, but I’m looking for smaller floss containers. I despise plastic floss picks when I see them in the woods. Whatever you use should be placed in your trash bag and carried out. I use an empty coffee bag for trash because it’s light and can be folded down to the size needed.

ozark trail backpack

If you’re staying in a cabin, tent, or RV, you’ll want to stock up on outdoor essentials, especially if you’re isolated from stores. I avoid freeze dried meals because of their saltiness, expense, and packaging. I prefer using powdered soup mixes, instant potatoes, and Knorr side dishes as a base with my own dehydrated vegetables and meat added. I purchase dried chicken from Mountain House and add it to most meals.