Coleman Oversized Cooler Custom Folding Chair Promotional Chair

Look for ones with pillows or face openings so you can more easily lie on your stomach. Enhance your comfort with other features, like a rocking camp chair, or a chair with a canopy for sun protection during days at the ballfield. Have a cold drink at hand at the campsite, BBQ or picnic with a Coleman Cooler Quad Chair.

The tall back, wide seat, and subtle-yet-serviceable padding let me feel like I could really relax and forget momentarily that I was supposed to find things to criticize. There’s no reinventing the wheel here, just a few decades of practice that have culminated in a really good product. Coleman camping chairs are a mainstay on camp grounds, festivals and sporting events.

Walk around any campground or tailgate party, and you’ll notice the popularity of this variety of accordion-style seat. You can pick one up at just about any big-box store (sometimes for as little as $10), order one with your favorite sports team’s logo, or pay a premium for a similar model from Cabela’s or REI. You can stow this featherlight, compressible chair in a backpack or even a work bag. Select a chair with a built-in canopy, which will give you a little patch of cool at any campsite or cookout. Are you a car camper or do you plan on socializing in friends’ backyards? Grandstand provides the labeling service for Prop 65 compliance free of charge for our California customers, or any customer whose products may end up in California.

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Lounge at the beach with the four-position beach chair from Style Selections. This chair is packed with a variety of features, including hardwood arms, a phone pouch and convenient backpack straps. A sturdy steel frame and weather-resistant polyester fabric seat and backrest help resist the outdoor elements.

With unfolded dimensions of 21.3 inches x 31.1 inches x 35.8 inches and folded dimensions of 5.5 inches x 5.9 inches x 35.4 inches, it’s compact enough to go anywhere. Its heavy-duty steel frame ensures stability and longevity, even after multiple uses. The mesh fabric is not only comfortable but also offers ventilation for your back, perfect for long hours of sitting outdoors. And when it’s time to clean, simply hose it off for effortless maintenance.

Its sturdy frame folds easily to fit inside most car trunks, making transportation a breeze. Look no further than the coleman instant tent, a high-quality product from a trusted brand renowned for its excellent outdoor equipment. By far, the best thing about this chair is how easy it is to set up — it just folds outwards like an accordion. The cooler is also easy to use, with a handy pull-on top that unzips both sides simultaneously.

Anecdotally, we found that this chair category in general is more popular among women than among men, who generally prefer a higher, upright seat. But after half a dozen excursions, we found—as we had with the Renetto Original Canopy Chair—that having a chair you can easily coleman instant tent carry without a bag is preferable. In real-world conditions, you’re often packing up fast to try to get ahead of crowds or traffic. So you can easily misplace a carry sack on a dark night in a crowded field, especially if you’re in a large group or have a lot of stuff.

Beyond this, it’s a cheap and cheerful camp chair that will give you everything you need and a little more, inarguably a bargain deal anyone shopping around should consider. REI’s Flexlite Chair has been replaced by an entire flock of Flexlite chairs; the one that is the closest to replacing the original Flexlite in the lineup is the Co-op Flexlite Camp Chair. The design, size, and weight is nearly identical, but the nylon fabric has been replaced with polyester. The canopy quickly and easily transforms into a carrying case—just wrap it around the chair and snap it closed with two plastic buckles, and you can carry the whole thing on your back like an oblong backpack. We brought this chair to a dense Los Angeles neighborhood to watch Fourth of July fireworks.

The box-shaped cupholder is a little roomier than the round cupholders on the Coleman and the L.L.Bean Base Camp chairs—better for stubby water bottles or mugs of hot chocolate around the campfire. We found that the cheaply constructed Walmart chair had a cupholder that was too small for a soda can, or any of the hard-plastic or metal water bottles that the kids we know brought on a camping trip. It will fit a Capri Sun pouch or a narrow, rectangular juice box, but that’s about it. A close-to-the-ground chair is often the ideal choice for outdoor concerts, movies, theater performances, and other events where you will be concerned about blocking other people’s view.