Schwinn Battery Rebuild Service

The Schwinn GSE or “GSElectric” is an electric bike that was sold from 2007 to 2009 in a couple of different forms. There was a cruiser style frame and the city commuter “World” setup you see here. Although it is becoming harder to find, many of these are still on the road with their original high quality Lithium Polymer battery packs.

After you crank it on (okay, there’s no cranking involved — just a button press), you’ll feel it kick in after maybe five seconds. It’s a bit jarring the first time or two, but that’s par for the course, and you’ll warm up to it quickly. Once the electric’s on, there are three modes of assistance to choose from on that left control panel — flat, downhill, and hill climbing. On flat riding roads, where we did most of our testing, the assistance creates an experience where, though you still need to pedal, you can definitely feel a substantial amount of help from the motor. We’re not saying it’s without effort, but it’s a greatly reduced effort. Uphill, however, we definitely expended a significantly higher amount of energy with our toothpick-like legs.

It looks just odd enough for drivers to take a second look in a “what the heck is that thing? A second look is invaluable as a rider, where we’d often even be grateful for schwinn electric bike a first look from drivers. It’s basically the Goldilocks option, offering enough performance and functionality for everyday commuters without pushing the price too high.

You can even add your own extras with our selection of e-bike accessories, including water-resistant pannier bags and heavy-duty e-bike locks. So, no matter how you like to ride, there’s an e-bike for you. For more information, check out our blog post on e-bike styles. A commuter ready electric bike with upright handlebar, adjustable suspension seat post, and comfortable plus sized tires. It comes with sturdy aluminum alloy fenders, a rear rack, and integrated lights..

schwinn electric bike

Don’t let a drained battery keep you from getting where you want to go. There is a company called Rechargeable Power Energy (RPE) that can repack and restore your original battery. schwinn mountain bike I have heard good things about them, that they perform this service for mainstream ebike manufacturers and double check the circuits when performing a restore or upgrade.

The battery is easy to recharge with a standard household outlet and the included charging cable. The Bafang Max mid-motor is efficient, extremely quiet, and capable of climbing steeper hills if…… Whether you’re commuting, exploring new trails, tooling around town, or all of the above, a sport hybrid e-bike can handle it all. Schwinn e-bikes deliver the same great riding experience with the addition of pedal assist motors and rechargeable batteries that let you roam farther than ever before.

In addition to the front and rear lights, there are two highly visible light bars…… The gear shift for the rear hub is integrated with the right handlebar grip. The control unit is easy to use, with thumb buttons to activate the electrical system and change the amount of assistance from the electric motor. Graphics on the control unit illustrate going up hill, riding on a flat surface, or going downhill. Red LEDs show which mode you have selected and indicate how much charge the battery has left. They really thought out the balance, accessories and drive modes to make it simple and practical to use.

This estimate may vary depending on model, rider height/weight, and riding conditions. Our Coston and Marshall lines have an optional extended-life battery available that lets you go up to 80 miles per charge. Tailwind is a very apt name for this bike, as the motor gives a palpable assist when it kicks in. Because of the way the motor engages, after about five seconds of pedaling, the electric assist can come on unexpectedly, at least the first few times you ride this bike. But the motor doesn’t have nearly enough power to pull the bike along by itself, and you will find you are getting some exercise while riding it.

The grips are comfortable, the brake levers work fine with the Tektro rim brakes and the display console and thumb throttle are easy to reach and use. There’s not a lot of choice here, you just turn the console on with a 0/1 toggle switch and either begin pedaling or push down on the giant paddle trigger. This makes the bike easy to use for just about anyone and reduces distractions when riding. If you want to know how fast you’re going you will need to add an aftermarket LCD display as seen on the bike in this review and that could cost ~$25. I like that they included a bell with the bike and would love to have also had some lights for safety.

I like that they included little things like water bottle mounting points that so many ebikes skip (in part due to midframe batteries). The suspension isn’t top of the line and doesn’t include lockout but it definitely smoothes out the ride and the adjustability of the stem and handlebars is wonderful. Visit friends or explore downtown with the Schwinn Marshall E-Bike.