Schwinn EC1 electric bicycle review: a fun and comfortable e-cruiser!

At level 5, the throttle propels you up to 20 miles per hour and disengages if you go faster than that (for example, if you go downhill). Class 2 e-bikes are required to stop assistance past 20 miles per hour. Level 1 throttle tops out at around 10 mph while level 5 will give you the full 20 mph. So to offer a full-size electric bike with otherwise nice commuter features yet with such a small battery is a bit surprising.

Otherwise, the headlight is adjustable to your preference, and the rear light is built into the fender itself. The battery locks in under the frame of the bike, and the front wheel/fender tended to get in the way when removing or reinstalling the battery. One feature I liked was a secondary tab you need to retract to remove the battery. That way, when you unlock the battery it doesn’t just fall out. Some thought was put into the idea there and I appreciated it.

Also know that there are bikes equipped with features that are specifically designed for kids, women, and older riders. Whatever you want to do on your e-bike, and whatever type of riding you intend to do, we’ve got you covered. This guide is designed to make the decision to buy the best e-bike for riders of schwinn road bike all types as simple and stress-free as possible. We know an e-bike is a big purchase, and we want you to be comfortable, happy, and stoked when you hop on your new purchase. We’re confident that in no time at all you’ll be zipping around town, pedaling on a path, or motoring down a trail in the quiet woods.

With just 288 Wh of capacity, the battery surprised me, and not in a good way. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of e-bikes with 288 Wh batteries before. It’s just that they’re usually on smaller, lightweight e-bikes that push the needle considerably less on the scale.

The whole package is aesthetically really old-timey looking — which will not please everybody, though we find it to be really quite charming. It’s surprisingly elegant, and though one friend described it as “goofy” looking, we think that its look suits the intended rider — but more on that below. For those not terribly familiar with electric bikes, the Schwinn’s battery charges up about as fast as its contemporaries on the market, and is actually much faster than many. As a commuter e-bike, I’m also glad to see some good commuter specific parts, like the included fenders and the excellent lighting. Not only do you get typical head and taillights, but you also have LED frame lights built into the sides of the battery. That adds a nice nighttime glow to the bike to give you better side visibility – an area where most bikes are lacking.

schwinn electric bike

One upside to a front hub motor is that it reduces the complexity of the rear wheel which usually has cogs and a derailleur already crowding the space. One thing I would have liked to see on the front wheel with this ebike is a quick release as this is offered at the back and also on the seat tube and it just makes servicing easier. Considering there is an aluminum alloy suspension fork on the front of this bike, I’m glad the motor isn’t too powerful or it miay negatively impact travel and perhaps even weaken this part.