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We’re impressed with how well this concentrated heat zone created a dark and flavorful crust on ribeyes and burgers—possibly better than our top pick weber charcoal grill can. It’s probably the most important upgrade from previous Genesis models. Thermometers built into the lid of a grill aren’t fully reliable.

Whether you regularly cook for a crowd or simply cook for one, you need the right size grill. Too big and you’ll be wasting fuel, too small and you’ll be eating dinner last. For grilling, the two important rules to follow are that you’ll need about a pound of meat per person and that you’ll need 72 square inches for each of those servings. For a family of four, 400 to 500 square inches is sufficient—that allows enough room for sides, extras, or the occasionally dinner guest without being too big a grill for everyday use.

Smoke, sear, roast, and more on a pellet grill that features full temperature range from 180° to 600°F. When you purchase your new grill, we will be sure to check to see if you already have a propane tank. If you don’t we will be happy to sell you one and will even take it to have it filled so when your new grill arrives you are ready to cook. The Weber Traveler grill is specially designed for an easy, one-handed setup and fold down. The grill is also attached to the cart so that you’re up and grilling in no time. Low-to-high temperature range provides the perfect heat to sear steaks, grill juicy chicken, and even make fluffy pancakes for breakfast.

The grills were rated on various attributes including heat control and retention, size, features, performance, ease of cleaning, and overall value. We also sent popular Weber grills to our expert grillers and home product testers, who tested each out for weeks to determine which grills are truly the best. Each grill was rated on setup, heat retention, heat control, size, versatility, and overall value. Our testers then offered additional insights on each grill’s strengths and weaknesses. Weber now manufactures gas grills, pellet grills, electric grills, and other takes on charcoal grills have become popular, too, among those who know and trust the brand. We tested 13 popular options to find the best Weber grills across seven categories.

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From the Weber Original Kettle Grill to the latest Weber GENESIS Gas Grills and the SmokeFire Wood Pellet Grills, everyone immediately knows a weber bbq when they see one. Their well-known designs, tried and true cooking systems, and outstanding customer service have helped Weber Grills become the company people have known and loved for generations. From burgers to rotisserie chicken, the Spirit S-315 gas grill is ideal for entertaining friends & family.

The Traveler has more cooking space than the Q 1200, but the two are equally easy to use, having a single control knob to regulate the heat. The key to using the Q 1400 successfully is to wait a sufficient amount of time for the grill to come to temperature. Once you do, the 189 square inches of cooking space can handle the grilling needs of anywhere from one person to four or more—depending on what you’re cooking up. We were really impressed with the meal created using this grill, especially the quality sear marks it left on veggie shish kebabs, hanger steak, zucchini slices, and marinated chicken breast. Though we did miss the true smoky flavor that can only come from wood and charcoal. Versatile and increasingly popular, a Weber pellet grill can reach temperatures high enough to grill, sear, smoke and even bake to give you more cooking options.

It’s got Weber’s charcoal-standard ash catch at the base and airflow dampers on the lid (there aren’t any on the base, sadly). The main difference between the standard and more premium models is a home for the lid; the premium model (about $10 more expensive) has a hinge that holds the lid when not in use. The Performer adds a prep table, cooking timer and gas-fired charcoal starter to the standard kettle grill.

Porcelain-coated grates can last a long time if taken care of properly. Don’t use metal tools or brushes on them to avoid the coating chipping off. Uncoated cast-iron grates will need to be maintain like cast-iron cookware.

Woodstock hardware is a Hudson Valley destination for those interested in both outdoor and indoor cooking. The gas tank mounts externally (see the top photo in this section) instead of in a cabinet underneath the grill, so replacing the tank is easier here than on other models. A sturdy shelf under the grill and a side table, which folds down for storage, give you some outdoor weber charcoal grill “counter space” while you’re cooking. And in our indirect-cooking test, the Spirit II E-310 turned out a pair of flawless roasted birds that were deeply browned with skin so crisp, it puffed up like a balloon. We had no issues with the meat sticking to the flat, porcelain-coated iron grates or problems with flare-ups, grease fires that produce charring and acrid smoke.