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We carry feature-rich choices from Weber, Char-Broil®, Broil King, NAPOLEON, and Royal Gourmet. Of course, you’ll find even more brands on, so make sure to shop our site to see our full selection. The original 36” griddle, one with high shelves, blackstone electric griddle and one with cabinets. And of course, you’ll also get 524 square inches of cooking area. With or without the cutting board… You’ll pay $399.99 MSRP for the 28” griddles. All of the 17” propane burner griddles come with a 12,500 BTU H-style burner.

Our perforated lid gets rid of smoke, so no worries of fire. Also, don’t forget to add flavored liquids, blackstone portable grill juices and even marinades for extra zest. If you smoke often, the smoker boxes are a great investment.

The griddle is made from heavy-duty steel and is finished with Camp Chef’s patented “True Season” process to extend its lifespan and durability. It’s not quite as powerful in terms of BTUs but with the smaller surface area you won’t notice much difference. The Camp Chef is a strong competitor for best flat top griddle with the Blackstone and Pit Boss we reviewed earlier.

blackstone gas grills

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your family, or choosing a gift for a lucky friend, you know you’ll be getting the best in affordability and quality with items from this line. Browse today and live generously with a club discount from this popular store. While the cooktop is still warm, lightly scrape food debris into the rear grease management system and wipe the cooktop with a paper towel. Apply a squirt of water to a 6” section of the surface and scrape toward the grease trap, then repeat until the whole griddle is clean. Dry with a paper towel before seasoning the cooktop with a thin layer of cooking oil. This kit includes one 6-inch heavy-duty stainless steel Griddle Scraper to remove debris, cooked-on food, and other residue.

The racks also allow for indirect heat cooking of baked potatoes, foil wrapped meats, and also fold up to be used as an easy to carry handle. The included legs have extendable feet to allow for use on uneven surfaces. The Caribou Outfitter model is perfect for small to medium sized tent installations yet weighs only 20.7 pounds making it a welcome addition to any gear set.