INTEX Blue Dura-Beam® Deluxe Thermalux Air Mattress 20in Queen with Built-In Electric Pump

These instructions illustrate a few methods for how to find and fix a leak. Enhanced with Fiber-Tech® interior construction for lasting durability, this bed features a velvety surface for added comfort. The lightweight built-in foot pump makes inflation quick and easy – no separate pump or power supply needed. We also noticed that it took longer to deflate than some other air mattresses we’ve tried. This caused one of our consumer reviewers to damage the mattress by pulling the pump out early, causing leaks. One of the most annoying things about air mattresses is that they sometimes deflate during the night.

Whether it’s finding great products or discovering helpful advice, we’ll help you get it right (the first time). The built-in pillow isn’t a replacement for using pillows, though it’s a nice addition if you like having your head elevated when you sleep. Jamie (she/her) is a parenting and pets reviews analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute, where she spends her time intex air mattresses testing, researching and writing about pet and family products. Prior to starting at GH in 2021, she worked at BuzzFeed and People, covering a combination of product reviews and lifestyle content. She’s a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and psychology and a master’s degree in journalism.

The bed’s construction allows bed sheets to tuck in easily and securely, while a unique edge and bottom ring provide superior stability. A powerful internal electric pump provides rapid, hassle-free, easy inflation and deflation. This airbed includes a convenient carry-bag for transporting and/or storage when not in use. We found it to be a comfortable and supportive mattress that pops right out of the box, and even better, fits right back in for easy storage.

Keep in mind that, because these are air mattresses, they are not necessarily built for regular, sustained daily use. So some of the feedback I share here will be about whether these models will stand up to temporary use and feel comfortable for your relatives and children, or in a dorm room or guest room, etc. Although most queen-size air mattress options measure approximately intex twin air mattress 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, height is both a variable and a selling point. In fact, it may be a primary consideration for older or disabled people who would have trouble getting on or off a bed that’s too low to the ground. Likewise, an overly mushy mattress will be harder to dismount. The best air mattresses have a built-in electric pump that plugs into a wall socket.

intex queen air mattress

However, those who want something for camping or a thinner mattress for children might want to look elsewhere. Moving to my stomach, the Intex is also supportive enough, even for someone of my heavier weight (250 lbs). It feels closest to a real bed because the support layer is made of two layers of air chambers inside the outer covering. The interior is actually several chambers with partitions in between. It’s constructed with something called “Fiber-Tech Construction™” which makes it a stronger setup than just an air-filled chamber. The air chamber takes up most of the space inside the plastic outer layer.