Ozark Trail 52 Quart High Performance Hard Sided Chest Cooler, Gray

If Ozark Trail has anything to do with it, your canned drinks will stay cool and fresh for as long as possible. Few things in life are as disheartening as sipping a lukewarm drink, so the right cooler is essential to keeping refreshments – well, refreshing. A vapor lock can form that requires you to open the drain plug to open the lid. If you are lucky and receive a model that has the quality issues discussed above ironed out, ozark trail canopys are one of the best bargains in the industry right now.

Ozark Trail on the other hand are Walmart’s white label brand and the internet is littered with reviews of poor quality of their products. It’s gone beyond being just a cooler brand and is now a lifestyle brand and a status symbol. The Yeti is the more expensive of the two coolers and does has some benefits over the Ozark cooler. What we are going to do is look at those benefits and then it is up to you to decide whether or not those benefits are worth the extra cost of the Yeti. The Ozark drain plug is so large you can even drain out pieces of ice rather than just water. Given they are a Walmart brand of cooler the prices at Walmart tend to be the best prices you will find online.

Our favorite feature of the Ozark Trail Soft Coolers is their additional storage options. Every model will come with at least one separate zippered pocket and many will have multiple zippered pockets in addition to mesh side pockets. All models are super easy to transport thanks to multiple carrying methods including optional wheels, padded shoulder straps, and more. While this isn’t quite as high as we have seen in other premium coolers, the much lower asking price helps to justify it. For most people, being able to keep ice for 3 days or more is plenty. And it makes Ozark Trail Coolers great for any weekend outing.

The brand’s hard-sided coolers are sized according to how many quarts they hold. Hard-sided coolers are the largest Ozark Trail coolers and the most durable, so you’ll pay more for a hard-sided model. Depending on the size you choose, you can expect two to five days of ice life, which is more than enough for a day at the beach or even a weekend camping trip. Ice life refers to how long a cooler can retain the ice you place inside. Ozark Trail’s larger soft-sided coolers usually offer a maximum of one to one-and-a-half days of ice life, which is plenty for a picnic. Ozark Trail’s hard-sided coolers all feature one-piece construction without any seams.

In addition, it is made out of BPA-free materials and comes with double-walled insulation whose job is to maintain the temperature of one’s drinks. We have been receiving a lot of complaints as of late from people who are mentioning that the zippers on their soft-sided coolers are going out after 6 to 12 months. We are looking into this problem in more detail and may adjust this review accordingly once we get to the bottom of it.

Ozark Trail also offers backpack and tote soft-sided coolers, which allow for hands-free carrying. The Ozark Trail Soft Cooler lineup is a solid contribution to this ever-growing company. There are enough size options and configurations to ozark trail chair make most people happy. For those who need something simple and cheap, the 12-can and 24-can models are great. And for those who want a bit more ice life and toughness, the premium backpack and tote are going to be worth checking out.

So if superior ice retention is important to you then the Ozark isn’t going to be the best cooler for you. You’d be better off with a Yeti or even better off with a cooler like the Kong cooler or the TechniIce cooler that performs the best in ice retention tests. Ozark coolers do perform better than a standard Coleman cooler which is exactly what I would expect from a cooler that is half the price of Yeti. My own ice test showed my Yeti 45 keeping ice for 10+ days, however this was in great conditions where the cooler was full of ice and kept in the shade all day. I say infamy because both of those cash grabs have a history of production delays and decidedly unhappy customers.

How does this compare to some of the premium coolers on the market such as Yeti? We think it’s right up there with Yeti and at just a fraction of the cost. So there you have it, when looking at just the ability to keep ice cold over a period of 6 days the Pelican ozark trail cooler has just slightly won, but we are talking about decimal points. I have to say that I am very impressed with the performance of the Ozark Trail 45Q cooler. This cooler is not only smaller in its overall size but also a fraction of the price of the competition.

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